La Courrouze à Rennes
Opportunities : Tertiary

La courrouze

Invest in a district with a distinctive personality

115 HA of developed and green spaces
400 000 M² of housing, or 5,000 homes
120 000 M² of offices space
22 000 M2 businesses and services
4000 jobs and an expected future population of 10,000

A diverse eco-district at the heart of the city of Rennes

La Courrouze, an eco-district that spans 115 ha and lies south-west of the centre of Rennes, is flourishing. By 2020, this district will be well connected by two metro stations, one of which is the last stop for the B line and acts as an interchange station (with a metro, park-and-ride, connecting stations, vélo star (a free cycle sharing scheme), taxis and buses etc.)

Witness to Rennes’ industrial and military past, la Courrouze has used its history and remarkable natural heritage as the framework for its revival. Former industrial halls, high walls, wooded countryside and pastures pepper the urban landscape. 40 of the 89 ha of urban area consist of green and public spaces. This was rewarded with the EcoQuartier’s Nature en ville (nature in cities) prize from the Ministry of Ecology in 2011.

Plans for development place importance on environmental sustainability and include a large urban park characterised by a great atmosphere and exceptional diversity. Here, the original architecture that dominates the scenery meets a barely tamed nature with forest trails, valleys filled with trees, meadows and more.

Other distinctive, desirable attributes, such as control over energy consumption, sustainable transport and the management of rain water, form the pillars of this major urban project, which is envisaged as a response to urban expansion. By encouraging people to live together in diversified housing (69% of built-up areas) alongside tertiary sector activities, businesses and services (23% of built-up areas) and infrastructure (8% of built-up areas), la Courrouze is a busy and lively district that moves to the rhythm of its employees and inhabitants.

The advantages of setting up in the eco-district of la Courrouze

Greate accessibility

  • by 2020, there will be a second metro line (that includes the stops St-Jacques-Gaîté and Coeur Courrouze) that will connect the Dominos district to the station, to the EuroRennes district, as well as to the districts that are part of the Via Silva plan (whereby Rennes Atalante’s Technology park is being revived and expanded) in a matter of minutes.
  • la Courrouze is located opposite a bypass and close to the interchange
  • the train station and Rennes international airport are close by (5 minutes by car)
  • there is an efficient bus service already running to the centre of Rennes, with an exclusive bus lane (only about 10 minutes journey

Rennes is now only 1 hour 25 mins from Paris, meaning that major French and European cities will be closer than ever before.

This is a privileged place to be

The large number of growing businesses and services provide for the employees here. For example, there are bakeries, restaurants, hotels, spas and nurseries.

  • there are facilities dedicated to hosting professional events: for example there is an auditorium that seats 200 and there are meeting rooms (such as le Carrousel and the Best Western Hotel)
  • this is a site completely covered by fibre optic broadband, ensuring optimal connectivity for businesses
  • the scenic and green surroundings make this a wonderful place to work and live

#Dominos district

Take a closer look at the Cap Courrouze project

Designed by the architect Jacques Ferrier, Cap Courrouze will consist of 3 buildings: R+2, R+5 and R+7.

Commissioned in 2013 and built by Pierre Promotion and Sogeprom,
Cap Courrouze has the advantage of being: 

– situated at the entrance of the new metro station,
– certified by Haute Qualité Environnementale (the High Quality Environmental Standard) and BBC Effinergie in 2005
– fitted with 2 underground levels (with 446 parking spaces)
– nearly finished with the last
materials to be delivered in August 2018

#Coeur Courrouze

Take a closer look at the PC4 project

Built by the Legendre Group, this building will cover more than 7,300 m2 and be divided into 3 levels with an inner courtyard measuring 800 m2. This building was designed with people in mind and is expected to provide versatile office spaces ranging from 80 m2 to 1,600 m2 per tenant.

The centre of la Courrouze will also be connected by a metro station from 2020 onwards (stop named Coeur Courrouze). A very busy and lively place, Coeur Courrouze will welcome new property, office and business schemes around a public space designed as an urban, yet green semi-pedestrian plaza, where businesses will develop on the ground.

As a tertiary scheme, PC4 will be located immediately beside the future metro station. The building will face west and overlook the park, while its two main entrances will
face the metro and the plaza. Just around the corner from a former industrial hall that has been completely renovated and converted into an events hall, PC4 is also beside another converted industrial building
that is currently used by the companies Digitaleo (specialising in digital marketing) and la Fabrique (suitable for coworking, meeting halls and conferences).

The companies here

Crédit Agricole’s head office in the Ille-et-Vilaine department (550 members of staff) was the first to be enticed to set up in the Dominos district. The Legendre Group (involved in the construction industry, specifically in developing buildings) also decided to establish their head office here in November 2011. These two investors simultaneously developed office schemes that host prestigious companies such as Altran, Nextiraone, Envivio and even Nike and Adidas. Ernst & Young and Thales also have offices here.

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