The Rennes Business Club

Let's contribute together to the development of the Metropolis !

The #RennesBusinessClub (RBC) is a network of heads of businesses and economic actors who want to get involved in and contribute to economic development in the area. The club has many goals, such as to encourage synergies, to actively contribute to Rennes’ appeal and growth and to maintain its network.

The #RennesBusinessClub is a perfect meeting ground, a place for dialogue and to share ideas and good practice. the RBC proposed three thematic workshops. The first was about exploring and promoting the area, the second was on real estate and property (and what they can offer in the future) and the third dealt with mobility and attracting talent. A workshop is a place for exchanges between private and public actors and members of #RennesBusinessClub, who collaborate on agreed actions, on future projects aimed at making Rennes more attractive and on its economic development.

Are you interested in joining this new dynamic and promoting this region’s assets? Well don’t hesitate any longer and sign up now!