Rennes vue du ciel

Rennes is a player on the world stage

A global city

Rennes – a European and international focus

Rennes’ aim is to become a 21st-century European city whilst maintaining its identity as the capital of Brittany. Rennes wants to be the capital of a region that is recognised internationally for its strong identity but also for being open and inclusive.

The city leads international partnerships and cooperation projects with about 15 cities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Rennes has also launched international cooperation projects directly (in particular with Mali and Vietnam) and through the support of associations in Rennes. 

More recently, the city has been involved in a partnership with Québec by uniting the participants of the region. These exchanges make it possible for everyone to better understand cultures, practices and different world views.

Adapted infrastructures

In order to boost its development on an international scale, Rennes is equipping itself with an infrastructure that will allow it to highlight its attractiveness and influence on an international level. The high-speed train line links Paris with Rennes in 1 hour and 25 minutes; Le Couvent des Jacobins, the new conference centre that welcomes visitors from around the world; EuroRennes, the urban business district that is growing around the station, which has been renovated into a multi-model interchange; the Cité internationale Paul-Ricoeur that welcomes foreign researchers; the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology that is contributing to the European digital transformation… etc.

Rennes draws on its new facilities and merits, such as its quality of life, an affordable housing market, the quality of teaching, its network of economic players (Bretagne Commerce International, CCI International, Business France…) and even its accessibility via urban and inter-city transport, which have been judged to be excellent. All of this creates a welcoming quality to the region that makes it incredibly attractive on a national and international level.

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