Bâtiment totem French Tech Rennes St Malo – Mabilais ©Thomas_CRABOT

Rennes, capital of Brittany

Accessible, connected and innovative : Rennes welcomes you !

Very economically attractive

Rennes, the gateway to Brittany, is a European city with a reputation for excellence and quality of life.

At just 1 hour and 25 minutes from Paris and 45 minutes from the coast, it is in a great location that is perfect for everyone, from heads of companies and investors to talent in search of mobility!

Rennes: the beating heart of the region’s economy

Rennes is one of the most dynamic cities in France, with almost 700,000 inhabitants spread across the wider conglomeration and an economy encompassing an area of some 300,000 jobs and almost 32,000 companies.

Secondin terms of population growth in France, Rennes assumes its role as an economic powerhouse and posts an unemployment rate two points below the national average. It currently ranks third in France for GDP.

A leading economic infrastructure

Competitiveness clusters, company clusters, associations, federations, communities… many players mobilise to create collective initiatives and carry out innovative projects in the region.

The beating heart of Brittany’s economy, it is here that research efforts come to fruition and where the digital technology, health, food-processing, environmental and automation industries stand out. 

Worth noting is the Frenchtech label that is boosting the development of start-ups in the region.

A centre of excellence

Four Breton competitiveness clusters, two of which have a global vocation, take advantage of the sectors of excellence in the regional economy and are project sponsors in collaborative projects combining higher education, research and business.

The Images et Réseaux cluster brings together participants in IT and communication, telecommunications and audiovisual technologies; the Mer Bretagne Atlantique centre (global vocation) aims to develop the competitiveness of players in Brittany’s maritime economy; the Valorial centre focuses on the food of tomorrow and supports food-processing companies with innovation and, finally, the iD4CAR centre (vehicles and mobility) supports and encourages innovation across the entire “vehicles” industry.

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