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Welcome and facilitate the establishment and development of companies in Rennes

The mission “get started in Rennes”

 A team to support you

The mission “Get started in Rennes” consists of a team of seven economic development professionals who are tasked with attracting new businesses and supporting existing growth in the “Rennes Métropole” area. The mission “Get started in Rennes” will put all our skills and many years of experience at your disposal (we support more than 100 businesses each year)

At Rennes Métropole, we support you by listening and by being approachable and responsive. This support is not an empty promise. The mission “Get started in Rennes” is rallying together so that your economic project may be facilitated by professional and effective support.

 Our main missions

– To welcome and facilitate the establishment and development of businesses

– To propose solutions specifically tailored to businesses’ needs at any stage of their business life cycle

– To search for real estate and property solutions using ZAC, start-up incubators and confidential support, for example

– To help project sponsors to gather their records in order to obtain grants or financial support

– To look at businesses outside the area, both in France and abroad, that could set up here.

– To encourage strong networks and research collaboration

Would you like to set up your business in the city of Rennes? Would you like support in launching your project? Would you like to be informed about potential support?


+33(0)2 99 86 64 40

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