Bloc opératoire du CHU de Rennes.


Noted for the innovations of its university hospital (CHU), the region seamlessly brings together those involved in healthcare with those involved in the digital sector

In particular thanks to its labs and researchers.

The market

A sector stimulated by e-health

Boosted by participants such as the CHU, the health sector accounts for one in ten jobs in the Rennes Métropole. In addition, this ecosystem has experienced significant growth over recent years, especially in the private sector.

To support the movement, we have made a list of 22 players for networking and financing, including the ID2Santé innovation centre. The sector also draws on 11 institutions of higher education, including the University of Rennes 1 and EHESP, where senior health department civil servants are trained 80% of roles are treatment-focused.

The Rennes technology sector has vast potential, particularly in e-health, nutritional health and medical devices, which has led to the creation of numerous start-ups in the region.

Key figures

  • No.2 centre for public research into e-health in France
  • 27 500 employees
  • 3.5 million in revenue
  • No.4 centre in France for e-health innovation

The success story

Télécom Santé is revolutionising the medical smart bed

Bored while hospitalised? This is what Matthieu Mallédant and Sébastien Duré are fighting alongside Télécom Santé.

In 2011, they launched “multimedia tablets in a time when the iPad had not been released”, explains Mallédant. Today, their entertainment tools are used primarily by healthcare workers to “access medical files, biocleaning records, etc.”

Having proved something of a success, the company now employs 42 people. After raising €8 million of funding in June 2017, it launched on the global market, notably in south-east Asia and the Middle East.

Employees will remain based in Rennes because “it is very easy to recruit technical staff there”, while being “an hour and a half from Paris”.

The business story

Marie Pirotais – Biosency

  • First medical device dedicated to respiratory failure
  • Created in September 2017
  • Product launch in 2019
  • Development in Europe, USA and Canada
  • Regional strength: network of entrepreneurs
  • Ambition : grow Biosency and target international development

The key place

A future ultra-modern health centre across 32 hectares

As the focal point of the ecosystem, the new CHU project will make it possible to bring together all activities onto one site by 2024. Valued at €535 million, half of this project will be based on constructing new premises.

They will incorporate a interventional, surgical and critical care unit, as well as a Woman-Mother-Child unit. This will be a guarantee of modernity for the some 8,400 professionals working there currently and the more than 500,000 patients who attend consultations there every year.

Regularly ranked among the top ten health institutions by Le Point weekly news magazine, the centre stands head and shoulder above others not only thanks to its work on organ and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, but also for its two leading centres for rare diseases.

Learn more

Read the AUDIAR study on the health/well-being ecosystem in Rennes.

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