Filière d'excellence bretonne : les éco-industries au coeur de l'économie rennaise.


The sector includes a wide variety of participants in Rennes, supported by the competencies of both the local industries and research laboratories

This is an advantage in a region that is heavily centred on intelligent networks and the maritime industry.

The market

Rennes is establishing environmental industries

Water, intelligent electrical grids, wood, renewable marine energies, eco-materials, methanation and intelligent transport services… There are many sectors that are well represented in Rennes and make up the eco-industry sector.

We list 514 companies and 30 training institutions in this area. They are based on a variety of support structures; we count almost 60 locally! Among these is the CREATIV association, established in Rennes, that supports eco-companies in their strategies and innovative projects or even the Éco-origin cluster, which aims to support Breton companies in the green economy industry.

The region also relies on its maritime expertise, as shown by the presence of the France Énergies Marines research and development institution, the Mer Bretagne Atlantique cluster and even the Bretagne Pôle Naval cluster.

Key figures

  • French Capital of biodiversity in 2016
  • 514 companies in the field of environmental industries
  • 42% green spaces in the hearth of the metropolis

The success story

Kemwatt, environmental innovation from the laboratory

Kemwatt originated from an innovation by the Rennes Institute of Chemical Sciences and has already collected several awards, including the i-Lab grand prize in 2015. Its revolutionary technology powers batteries using electrolytes. This liquid has the power to easily increase capacity and has a much longer lifespan, not taking into account its biodegradable molecules.

In 2016, the company created a prototype that was a world first in this field. It has excellent potential for development internationally and is already the subject of several partnerships in Europe and the United States. Having raised €3 million from its inception in 2014, a second round table is planned to strengthen the workforce, which already comprises 11 people.

The business story

Natacha Blanc-Marteau – Ouest’Am

  • Research unit that brings together biodiversity and human activities
  • 2 sites : Rennes and Nantes
  • Ouest Am’s activities cover the greater north-west corner of France
  • After working at Ouest Am for 23 years, Natacha took over leadership in 2006
  • A regional strength : A very creative ecosystem that creates interesting development opportunities for businesses
  • Ambition : To continue developing our ways of working in order to continuously improve performance on both projects and the natural environment

The key place

The local industrial apparatus transformed with B3-Ecodesign

Demonstrating the growing strength of the industry, company B3-Ecodesign has established its workshops in the former premises of the La Janais PSA factory. The company, a specialist in homes built from shipping containers, also “benefited from the facilities with regard to fluids and power” » as explained by Clément Gillet, CEO.

It currently occupies a space of 4,500 m2, which represents ”just a tenth of its total space”. This leaves a margin in the event of business growth. Activity in this building focuses on local expertise because B3-Ecodesign relies on the technologies of several local companies.

Aim: To offer increased energy performance thanks to home automation and batteries.

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