CL Corporation, le numérique à Rennes.


The Breton capital provides a dynamic ecosystem that closely supports its start-ups

Making it one of the best places in France to set up a company.

The market

A growing ecosystem

In 2016, 950 jobs were created in the digital sector in Rennes. This figure demonstrates the vitality of the companies in this sector in the Breton capital. In fact, there are more than 1,000 companies, employing 27,300 people, according to Rennes Métropole. Several global heavyweights can be found here, such as Orange and its research and development department, as well as Technicolor and Thales Microelectronics.

There is a parallel boom in the creation of start-ups with French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo supporting them to develop nationally and internationally. The Rennes Atalante technology association also supported 27 new companies in 2016. In terms of development, local start-ups raised record levels of funds in the past year (€35 million in total), with more than one million for Kerlink, Klaxoon and Dolmen. This is a trend that should continue because this is the direction of travel set by Rennes Métropole.

Key figures

  • 3 000 companies
  • 24 000 employees
  • 4 800 jobs orange, major player
  • 194 start-ups

The success story

Médiaveille, a fifteen-fold increase in revenue in 7 years

Médiaveille is one of Rennes’ greatest successes. The company was taken over by Olivier Méril in 2009, some 10 years after being set up, and has achieved 1500% growth over the past 7 years! In a development curve that included several new appointments, the company went from 9 to 95 employees, and aimed to have 150 at the end of 2017.

The development is explained by the establishment of Médiaveille, which set up branches across France (8) and also in Morocco. The company has also developed a number of subsidiaries: Good Buy Media, a media agency, and Winbound – MyChefcom, a specialist in inbound marketing. In addition, Olivier Méril wanted to open the École Digitale de la Nouvelle Chance (New Opportunity Digital School) in 2016. This institution provides training in digital marketing for key communities and aims to make digital occupations accessible to all.

The business story

Jacques Le Mancq – PDG of Broadpeak

  • A leader in video distribution
  • Competitors: Cisco and Huawei
  • Studied at the University of Rennes 1
  • Created Broadpeak in 2010
  • 85% of revenue generated internationally
  • 30% of revenue invested in research and development every year
  • Rennes, the place to be for video

The key place

b<>com is inventing the future of hypermedia, networks and e-health

Created in 2012, the b<>com Institute of Research and Technology is innovating at the highest level in the fields of hypermedia (ultra-high-definition images, audio, virtual and augmented reality…) and ultra-high-speed networks (cloud, cyber-security, network resilience, Internet of Things…). Among the multiple areas of application for these technologies, e-health allows b<>com to take part in digitally revolutionising the medical system. It is one of eight structures that aims to make France a leader in global digital research.

Its five-floor, 6,000 m2 building houses experts of all nationalities from both industry and academia. They benefit from a technological platform with a 5G network, an XXL data centre and space dedicated to augmented reality. b<>com also has an events area, b<>com l’Espace, which is open to companies who want to associate their image with this showcase of digital innovation. 

Its Rennes campus is also unique in its exterior architecture, which is constructed entirely in glass and mirrors and is a landmark in the Via Silva quarter, which is home to large companies such as Harmonic, OVH and also Dassault Systems.


Ecole de la filière numérique (IMIE – Institute of Higher Education in Digital Industries)

IMIE offers block release training and continuous training: recognised diplomas are issued on completion of each training course, giving you a profile that is valued and sought-after by companies in Rennes area. You can also incorporate internet stakeholders, IT service providers or even the management of IT systems of companies in Rennes or the Grand-Ouest region of France. More details about the training courses.

Digital campus

The Digital Campus offers several training courses that are 100% online. All the latest technology is made available to you in order to work in an enjoyable professional environment. More details about the training courses.

ISTIC – It and electronics research and training unit

ISTIC is a research and training unit at the University of Rennes 1 that brings together teacher-researchers in IT and electronics. In this respect, ISTIC has a double task in teaching and research. It provides more than 1,300 students with a basic education and also welcomes a number of students in continuing education or “lifelong learning” with three levels of training: bachelor’s degree/master’s/PhD. More details about the training courses.

Learn more

Read the AUDIAR study on the digital ecosystem  in Ille-et-Vilaine.

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