Pôle route du meuble, Rennes.
Opportunities : Trade

Route du meuble hub


71 130 M² of commercial space
127 establishments
50 national brands
1,3 million visitors
€81 millions in estimated revenue

A historic hub specialising in home improvement

A historic hub encompassing 130 specialists in home improvement, homeware and leisure. Established for more than 40 years on the Rennes-Saint-Malo road, this commercial artery owes its strong identity to its initial emphasis on furniture, a sector largely represented by big names, such as Fly, Conforama and Meubles Gautier, but also by local artisans and manufacturers.

“La Route du Meuble” has grown its commercial offer bit by bit by welcoming specialists in leisure vehicles and then becoming a automotive base with the recent arrival of Maserati, Nissan, Mini and Harley Davidson.

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