Pôle rive ouest, Pacé.
Opportunities : Trade

Rive ouest centre


44 750M² of retail space
58 establishment
48 national brands
3,5 million visitors
€194 million in estimated revenue

A highly ambitious project

Situated facing the RN 12 motorway, the Rive Ouest centre is now linked with the Cora hypermarket and its shopping centre, an Ikea and a collection of medium-sized spaces that ensure a location of inter-departmental influence.

In line with the Swedish brand, project Open SKY, supported by the Compagnie de Phalsbourg in partnership with Blot Immobilier, will reinforce the attractiveness of Rive Ouest: a project with strong environmental ambitions will develop on 40,000 m2, 27,000 m2 of which is retail space. Architects: Vincent Parreira and Antonio Virga

This view is in conjunction with an ambitious modernisation of the shopping centre by Gallimo and will make it possible to welcome new brands and for all current stakeholders to have a wider expression of their concepts

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