Centre ville de Rennes
Opportunities : Trade

City Centre


1755 points of sale
€600 Million in revenue (excluding services, café, restaurants)
16.5 million visitors
400 national brands represented
5% commercial vacancies (low rate and falling)

A new horizon for the city centre is taking shape between now and 2020

€2.4 billion has been invested in the city centre in order to make it more accessible and calmer while also maintaining all of its power through structural systems.  In the near future, the construction of the new station and the EuroRennes business district will create a new gateway to the metropolis. Furthermore, the arrival of the second metro line (five new stations in the heart of the city) and the development of the space around the stations will generate new flow and new uses that will benefit the commercial dynamic. Lastly, more ample pedestrian areas will make it possible to optimise the streets and redefine new urban paths.

The goal of the urban project beyond 2020 is to boost the strength of the city centre and to “unfold” it around its four cardinal points of the Hôtel Dieu to the north, Ilot de l’Octroi to the west, EuroRennes to the south and Baud-Chardonnet to the east to create new areas of urban intensity.

The promising outlook for establishing retail and other businesses in these upcoming areas in the centre of the city has as much to offer to national and international brands as it does to differentiated concepts that also increase the individuality and buzz of Rennes city centre. 

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